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Careful With Those Text Messages: They Could Be Evidence In Divorce Court

Are you going through a divorce or contemplating a divorce? If so, I’d advise you to be careful about what you send in text messages to your future ex-spouse. In this high-tech era, text message ... Read more

Who Gets the Kids in My Divorce? Part One

On a typical first visit to a divorce attorney, a parent often wants to talk primarily about which parent “gets the kids”. This is no longer correct thinking under current Florida divorce ... Read more

Your Next Text May Be From a Florida Lawyer You've Never Contacted

Florida has recently joined the lone state of Ohio in allowing lawyers to advertise andsolicit prospective new clients by text. The Florida Bar’sdecision to allow text solicitation of prospectiv ... Read more

Cyberbullying and Kids: How to Communicate With your Child

When parents and their child/teen work together, cyberbullying can often be prevented or at least minimized or blocked. Regular communication between parent and child/teen about the child/teen’s ... Read more

Cheaters Beware - The Cyberstalking Statute Doesn't Have Your Back!

Earlier in the month, one of myblogs discussed the Second District Court of Appeal’s interpretation of the cyberstalking statute. Now, the Second District Court of Appeal has reversed a cybersta ... Read more

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