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Whistleblower & Defamation Lawsuit Filed By Former Coach

A former Dickson Middle School football coach is suing the team’s head coach and county school board for $700,000 for alleged defamation and wrongful termination. Attorney Roland F. Mum ... Read more


Philadelphia employment lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates represent employees whose rights toprivacy and personal technology use are being threatened or imposed upon by an employer. In additi ... Read more

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Examines New Jersey Teen Sexting Phenomenon

You could ask every teenager about sexting and many will be familiar with what it is and perhaps have engaged in sexting themselves. What teens are not aware of are the potentialconsequences of sextin ... Read more

Yik Yak Shooting Threat

“Another 4.16 moment is going to happen tomorrow. Just a warning” This was the post in Virginia on the popular social media app, Yik Yak, which sparked a police investigation in April ... Read more

Media PA Workers' Compensation Lawyers: Preventing Work-Related Distracted Driving Accidents

National studies have shown that the primary cause of death in the workplace is distracted driving. Distracted driving can be caused by drivers using a variety of hand-held or hands-free mobile device ... Read more

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