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Communications law includes issues related to radio, television, networks, cable, telephony, and the Internet. Most communication and media outlets are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) through the Federal Communications Act of 1934 (pdf) and related statutes. The FCC enforces regulations designed to ensure competition among cable and satellite companies and places restrictions on indecent programming. It also issues broadcast licenses and protects consumers by rules and policies related to local and long distance telephone service. Although the FCC does not directly regulate the Internet, a growing body of law is developing around Internet usage.

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Email Defamation
Email has become a part of our everyday life. Things you might never say face to face, or even over the telephone, are easily communicated to others through email. Often times an email received by one person is forwarded to a host of other parties in a sender's email address book without regards to
Telephone Harassment
Harassing phone calls occur when a caller intends to annoy, harass or threaten you by various means. Telephone harassment is a criminal misdemeanor in many states. You should contact the police if you are receiving harassing phone calls.
Child Photography or Videotaping Consent Laws Are Changing
With a few exceptions, it's legal for strangers to photograph or videotape your child, and they can post or publish the images. Parents do not have to give their consent or sign a release. Some states have passed legislation to change that, and school districts take steps to protect their children.
Recording Telephone Calls and Wiretapping
May you record a telephone call? Federal and state laws control the legality of recording telephone calls and an illegal recording may be considered wiretapping or eavesdropping. When does recording become warrantless surveillance?
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