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Slander and Libel are forms of defamation of character. This is the publication of false statements about an individual that cause harm to the individual's reputation or character. Publication happens when the statement, in writing, orally, or by electronic media, is received by at least one other person. Libel is written defamation, while slander is spoken defamation. Both are covered by state laws, which generally require the false statements to be intentional. Proof of the truth of the defamation is generally a complete defense in a civil action for libel or slander. Only factual misrepresentations are considered libel or slander. Expressions of opinion are not. Please read on to find a slander, defamation or libel attorney or access more information about defamation law here in our libel, slander and defamation practice center.

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After an argument, my cousin showed some private text messages about a 3rd person's physical appeara
This has caused me public humiliation and embarrassment. What legal action can I take?
What happens to me if i am sued for defamation of character and lose?
I sent a text message to a friend saying that a specific person signed me up for a bunch of inappropriate emails and now that person (who happens to be a lawyer) is going to sue me for defamation of character.
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A Naturalyn Fat Transfer procedure was performe on me to soften pronounced laugh lines and it failed after one month. The procedure was advertized to last a minimum of 9 months. and the cost was $3,500.00. Life Style Lift repeated the entire procedure again 3 months later with zero results. I had to pay for a room the night of the 2nd procedure in October since I didn't have a ride and could not drive due to being anesthetized for another cost of $145.00. I can produce before and after photos. Life Style than offered a reduced rate Botox procedure in December for $300.00 since borh Naturalyn procedures failed and again with zero results. I've had Botox treatments 3 times in the past and the results were noticed and felt immediately. That did not happen one iota with the December procedure with Life Style Lift. Again, I have photo's. Many 70 mile round trips were done for consultations and the like. And of course you cant be seen in public for days.
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An old fling posted a video online of our threesome. I was drunk when this was filmed and I come to find out now, 7 months later, that this video is released online for the world to see. Yes I was 21 when it was filmed but it was posted publicly without my consent...what legal action do I have?
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