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Slander and Libel are forms of defamation of character. This is the publication of false statements about an individual that cause harm to the individual's reputation or character. Publication happens when the statement, in writing, orally, or by electronic media, is received by at least one other person. Libel is written defamation, while slander is spoken defamation. Both are covered by state laws, which generally require the false statements to be intentional. Proof of the truth of the defamation is generally a complete defense in a civil action for libel or slander. Only factual misrepresentations are considered libel or slander. Expressions of opinion are not. Please read on to find a slander, defamation or libel attorney or access more information about defamation law here in our libel, slander and defamation practice center.

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Ask a Lawyer - Libel Slander Defamation Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Can you be kicked out of a supermarket for no reason? You call the police. Manager stells them you h
I have shopped in that store for years. Big chain with rewards card. Bought thousands and been a regular customer. Never a problem. Manager came flying down aisle at 9:30 at night. Told me to get out. I asked why. He said he needed no reason. Then grabbed items out of my hands and said get out. I called police. They talked to him. He gave a story, Said I had stolen or attempted to steal SEVERAL TIMES. Police asked if he ever reported this. Manager said no. Police thought this strange. I talked to police. Said they have surveillance cameras. Why not review for this particular night? It would show dinner items in hands with me looking at canned vegegtables when this manager showed up and told me to get out. Most hostile towards me. The police thought it strange the manager didn't offer to let them see surveillance footage of this night. It happened 10 days ago. Police think the supermarket keeps surveillance for 30 days. Bad enough getting kicked out but stealing accusation angers me.CYA
Do I have to blur faces in my videos?
I have copyrights, trademarks, and a company. I am going to have a game show that will be posted onto YouTube . The contestants will be service workers like delivery drivers for pizza restaurants. They will be given the chance to win money. I have consent forms written up. My specific question is do I have to blur their faces if they do not sign or if they request for me to do so. I will be in public or on my private property. Also, if you have time, do I have to blur out company logos for the contestant and what should my consent for include when it comes to key points. The show could make money off a YouTube partnership. Thank you for your time
My ex wife made up lies about me and has taken my child away from me for two years now. What recour
she stated some very hateful, revengeful thigns about me that I am a molestor and I have proven everyone wrong but this has damaged me greatly, especially with my son because he has been so brainwashed by this and I have't seen him for two years now
How to file a lawsuit for being falsely accused of shoplifting?
im a indian a american indian sending false information to my friends and even to indian local poli
im a an indian lives in hyderabad telangana state India. a person from india who get american citizenship and he live in Virginia i knew him since 10 years and he is sending false information to all the persons we knew them as well as to local police india by emails . that is defaming my social status. hence i want file a defamation suit. is it possible since in india but i have us business visa .
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