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Slander and Libel are forms of defamation of character. This is the publication of false statements about an individual that cause harm to the individual's reputation or character. Publication happens when the statement, in writing, orally, or by electronic media, is received by at least one other person. Libel is written defamation, while slander is spoken defamation. Both are covered by state laws, which generally require the false statements to be intentional. Proof of the truth of the defamation is generally a complete defense in a civil action for libel or slander. Only factual misrepresentations are considered libel or slander. Expressions of opinion are not. Please read on to find a slander, defamation or libel attorney or access more information about defamation law here in our libel, slander and defamation practice center.

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Ask a Lawyer - Libel Slander Defamation Law questions answered by leading lawyers
I was called a thief at CVS can I sue?
I was returning an item at CVS, I had my receipt in my hand and the lady didnt want to return the item. I have on video saying that she didn't want to return it because I probably stole it
Do I sue for libel, Slander and Defamation regarding false internet blogging about my daugher?
The info contained on the blog is completely false, and detrimental to my daughter's future. She has been suffering severe anxiety and depression since reading this horrific, false blog about her by someone she has never met. I live in Palm Beach County, Florida. Thank you in advance. Karen LaMendola
Malicious slander by neighbor with repercussions
A neighbor who lives four houses away accosted me while I was in the street looking for my cat. It did not stop there. She went back to her porch, and SCREAMED the most vulgar comments followed by "YOU'RE PREJUDICED." Her diatribe was loud, malicious, and totally false and lasted ten minutes. (I have worked as a newspaper reporter for many years; nobody has ever accused me of being prejudiced). I suspect her attack had less to do with me than her situation, but I suffer the damage of her assault. I have since been pointed to and pointed out, accused of "damaging" property, had my property vandalized while this woman continues to target me. My neighbors, once friendly and close, avoid me as they are now afraid to be seen talking with me. Black people including one young man up the block, are stalking me now. I am afraid & utterly shattered as I've done great work as a reporter for all downtrodden. She is becoming obsessed with me. I am a disabled person. Can I sue her?
I was arrested for public intox and the case is going to be dropped, do I have a liability case agai
I was drinking at a restaurant with a group for a few hours and 3 hours later and 400$ I was drunk and got into an arguement with my girl.. the police were called cause someone said I hit her and that wasn't true and after the cops arrived I was falsely arrested for public intox.. the case is about to be dropped cause of lack of evidence and no witnesses, needless to say the general manager is the only witness and he saw nothing..but he did say I was harassing the waitresses in his statement but I'm sure he saw our tab and figured OK and gave us a different waitress.. never once coming to us to see how drunk we were or giving us a warning..anyway its costed me a few bucks to resolve the legal issues.. would I have a negligence case or something against the restaurant for not taking action on a patrons safety?
Can I sue media outlets that exploit the picture of my home?
My home was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. Since then the house has appeared thousands of times on the covers of magazines, newspapers, and most recently to advertise Sandy documentaries by Showtime and PBS. It is the famous yellow brick house cut in half by the storm. An iconic image to be sure, but no other storm I can think of (Katrina, Hugo, Andrew) or other natural disaster of any kind has ever focused on one home's destruction to this degree. My wife and I are tormented on an almost daily basis by this reminder of losing our home and nearly every possession in this awful storm. I understand it is the photographer who owns the rights to an image, but there are victims here. Do I even have a legal leg to stand on by exploring a lawsuit against these media outlets, for exploitation and continued suffering?
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