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Slander and Libel are forms of defamation of character. This is the publication of false statements about an individual that cause harm to the individual's reputation or character. Publication happens when the statement, in writing, orally, or by electronic media, is received by at least one other person. Libel is written defamation, while slander is spoken defamation. Both are covered by state laws, which generally require the false statements to be intentional. Proof of the truth of the defamation is generally a complete defense in a civil action for libel or slander. Only factual misrepresentations are considered libel or slander. Expressions of opinion are not. Please read on to find a slander, defamation or libel attorney or access more information about defamation law here in our libel, slander and defamation practice center.

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Ask a Lawyer - Libel Slander Defamation Law questions answered by leading lawyers
im a indian a american indian sending false information to my friends and even to indian local poli
im a an indian lives in hyderabad telangana state India. a person from india who get american citizenship and he live in Virginia i knew him since 10 years and he is sending false information to all the persons we knew them as well as to local police india by emails . that is defaming my social status. hence i want file a defamation suit. is it possible since in india but i have us business visa .
I'm a realtor received an email from an individual who is trying to purchase a property that is in d
behind realtor's back and contact the owner. Our contact emailed and directed us to inform the prospect and his attorney to go through our office for we are the main contact here in Florida. I forwarded the email to the prospects attorney and left a message for prospects. the prospect called and was screaming and now accusing me of race.....we have never met....I'm hispanic and american Indian. My business is based on my reputation. Do I have a possible suit?
Can I sue employer for Harrassment or abuse of power they inflicted on me before they terminated me
Instead of terminating me for unsatisfactory job performance my Direct Supervisor who was just hired in June 2014 went to great lengths to humiliate me in front of peers and sabotage my ability to do job correctly. He put me through an emotional and very stressful work environment. It was if he enjoyed belittling me to show his power. He had already coerced the other supervisors before I could complain to anyone.
Accused of Racism and banned by a Game Company, but was falsely accused. What can I do?
A month ago, I was permanently banned from a game company's forum for "racism and hate speech". But I'm positive I never did such a thing in my entire life. I've contacted that company's Customer Support in asking for clarification and a copy of the statement to verify it's authenticity, but the request was purposely ignored and the ticket closed without any response. Further inquiries were also ignored. I've had prior problems with this company's Community Manager, and I wholeheartedly believe that this individual purposely fabricated a false report to have more permanently removed from their services. I am wondering if this falls under defamation / Libel, for false accusations, and if able to take legal action? Also, I do not have money to hire a lawyer and is there a way to hire one and pay with the case winnings? Thank You
What actions can I take for anonymous dafamatory statements to my son?
Letters have been going around (anonymously, but we are pretty sure by who) stating that are stating that he is of questionable character. So far these letter have been sent to a previous girlfriend and the next day to a current girlfriends parents. We believe that due to the language used and the style of writing that they are being sent by the ex girlfriends mother and she sent the first letter to herself to take any suspicion away from her. These letters are damaging my sons reputation among all of his peers and I am concerned that thing will escalate and become more damaging to him. I can find no one in my area to even ask any of this to.
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