Libel Slander Defamation

When someone tells lies - either verbally or in print - about you that aren't true and damage your business, you may wonder if you have a lawsuit a ... read more
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Defamation Lawsuits Abound
Related Item A Manhattan lawyer has sued two former girlfriends for disparaging remarks they made about him online. The comments, one of which called the lawyer a cheating "scum," appeared on the tell-all website The interesting part is the lawyer does not dispute many of the comments. ... Read more

Do You Have Control of Your Technology
Everyone you know has a cell phone and computer. Many have other gadgets designed to make life easier, faster, and more fun. But who is in control of your technology? Is it you? Or is technology controlling you? Google's cell phone that controls what you say in text messages. This phone has stirred some ... Read more

Of iPhones Shield Laws Criminals and Theft
  In 2010, someone in California found a prototype iPhone and sold it to an internet blog The incident sparked debate about if and how the state's shield laws apply "Shield laws" are designed to protect reporters and journalists from being forced to reveal their sources These laws have been around for ... Read more

Telling Tales Do Tell All Books Mean What they Say
You've seen the headlines at newsstands or in bookstores: Levi Johnston about the Palins'. Jennifer Flowers about President Clinton. Elizabeth Edwards about Senator John Edwards. A former law clerk about the Supreme Court; Tatum O'Neal about Ryan O'Neal. The headlines and title would have you believe ... Read more

Email Defamation
Email has become a part of our everyday life. Things you might never say face to face, or even over the telephone, are easily communicated to others through email. Often times an email received by one person is forwarded to a host of other parties in a sender's email address book without regards to how ... Read more

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Those are the hallmarks of a defamation case. Unfortunately, they are not contingent fee cases and can become quite expensive to litigate. Many people opt to pursue them on principle however, so its s ...Read more

There is no case here. Its unfortunate that there was a miscommunication but there is not a viable legal action here. 

Yes, you can sue her, but such cases are typically expensive and are not contingent fee cases for lawyers for obvious reasons. 

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Can a Business Sue for Defamation?

What You Need to Know About Business Disparagement ClaimsNegative reviews of products or services can hurt businesses, but when they are honest, these reviews can also provide key insights into how to ... Read more

Philadelphia Business Lawyers: Internet Harassment and Defamation

Under both statutory and judge made law, a person cannot be held liable for posting on the Internet a hyperlink to, or repeating a quote authored by another person that was published on a website, reg ... Read more

Sowder says he’ll dismiss Leach’s defamation lawsuit; appeal is planned

Sowder says he’ll dismiss Leach’s defamation lawsuit; appeal is planned from ... Read more

Post on Journal Star website prompts lawsuit

Post on Journal Star website prompts lawsuit from Simon W. Johnson Law Office of Sim ... Read more

Ex-cheerleader Sarah Jones wins ‘historic’ defamation case

Ex-cheerleader Sarah Jones wins ‘historic’ defamation case from ... Read more

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