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Privacy is a right guaranteed by the Constitution, involving an individual's right to autonomy. The scope of privacy is broad, and it covers both personal information, such as ADA and medical information, financial and credit history, and employment records, and personal decisions, such as family choices. The expansion of communication technology, such as email and computer monitoring and electronic background checks, has caused significant conflicts with the right to informational privacy. Legislation has been passed to address these conflicts, such as the HIPAA privacy rule, which establishes standards for the protection of certain health information, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which ensures privacy in consumer reports. Please read on to find a privacy attorney, privacy lawyer, or learn more about privacy law.

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-  State Criminal Codes & Statutes
-  Accessing Your Medical Records-  Understand the CAN-SPAM Law for eMarketing
-  Cell Phone Privacy-  Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
-  Do Not Call Lists-  Employee Polygraph Protection Act
-  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act-  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Financial Privacy
-  Telephone Harassment-  I Spy: Who's Hacking & Tapping Your Phone?
-  Junk Faxes-The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991-  Juror Information and Public Records
-  Medical Records: Privacy Issues-  Minimizing Marketers Contact
-  Online Privacy Policies-  Ensure Your Customers' Private Information Is Secure
-  Child Photography or Videotaping Consent Laws Are Changing-  Privacy Act of 1974
-  Privacy and Reporting Internet Activity-  Privacy in the Hiring Process
-  Privacy In The Workplace-  Reporting Harassment and Identity Privacy
-  Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet Checklist-  Recording Telephone Calls and Wiretapping
-  Safety in Cyberspace-  Governmental Use of Social Security Numbers
-  Video Taping and Photographs in Public-  Videotaping and Photography on Private Property
-  What to Expect from Your Landlord-  What You Need to Know About Online Dating Safety
-  Who's Investigating You?-  Wiretap Act
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Privacy Law FAQs & Info
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-  Employer: Privacy In the Workplace FAQs-  Legal Tips for Social Networking
-  Managing the Legal Risks of Social Networking- 2010 Social Networking Survey Press Release
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