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Are Your Text Messages and Images P...

They're everywhere: in cars, shopping malls, and restaurants, even at family and professional sporting events - cell phones. Have you noticed, though, how often a w...Read more

Child Photography or Videotaping Co...

With the increasing amount of reliance on on-the-spot videotaping or picture taking, the rules of consent are evolving, especially for children. Basically, wi...Read more

Cell Phone Privacy

Naturally, the cell phone service provider that you use has access to your cell phone records, but it's subject to privacy laws and is supposed to keep your inform...Read more

Privacy Law

Privacy Law

I Spy: Who's Hacking & Tapping Your Phone?

Everyone's busy and on the go these days, and there's an ever-present sense of urgency to stay connected or in touch with family, friends and even your boss, employees and co-workers. Telephones - esp ... Read more

What You Need to Know About Online Dating Safety

Online dating is a good example of how the internet makes our world smaller or limitless, depending on your view. People do business, make friends and find the loves of their lives online. The one you ... Read more

Social Media Sites Help In Jury Selections

Jury trials are perhaps the greatest equalizer of the US legal system: A panel of your peers decides if you committed a crime, or are at fault for someone's injury or any number of legal wrong-doings. ... Read more

Cyber Forensics: Tracking Down Virtual Clues

In December 2010, Dutch police nabbed a hacker who cyber-attacked credit card companies who stopped doing business with beleaguered Wikileaks. Earlier in the year, a US college student was convicted o ... Read more 2010 Social Networking Survey Press Release

Most Americans Have Privacy Concerns, Yet Underestimate Consequences of Revealing Too Much Personal Information on Social Networks   NEW YORK, October 25, 2010 – A new national ... Read more

Additional Privacy Law Topics

Additional Privacy Law Topics