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They're everywhere: in cars, shopping malls, and restaurants, even at family and professional sporting events - cell phones. Have you noticed, thoug ... read more
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To Read or Not To Read Monitoring Employees Emails
Update The online workplace takes employee computer use monitoring to a whole new level. Upwork is a web site that connects employers to freelance workers around the globe. Its talent pool includes writers, programmers, graphic artists, web designers, data entry clerks, and more. Webcams and ... Read more

Twitter Verified Accounts and Protecting Identities
Still out of breath from a stage in the Tour de France mega-race, Lance Armstrong brushed by the media hounds and went straight to Twitter, giving his fans an up-to-the-minute account of what happened and how he fared.  The Twitter Launch of Verified Accounts Shouldn't he have stopped by the media tent ... Read more

Your Email isnt as Private As You May Think It Is
The Obama administration is asking Congress to amend the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) greater access to e-mails and web browsing information. The proposed change would enlarge the scope of information that communications providers must ... Read more

New Puerto Rican Law Targets Identity Theft
  Update: Puerto Rico birth certificates remain valid through September 30, 2010 Under a new Puerto Rican law, all birth certificates issued will be invalid on July 1, 2010 A large percentage of identity-related crimes in the continental US stems from stolen Puerto Rican birth certificates Know how ... Read more

Privacy Concern over Google Books
Google, the widely used search engine has a mission: "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."1 However, fromtaking pictures of people's homes and property to Google Books, the ways that Google has gone about fulfilling that mission have been criticized by many. ... Read more

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