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I am a psychotherapist LCSWR for 20 years graduate of Columbia and I have had false allegations and slander attacking my credibility professionally

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I have lost significant income as I have made reports of child sbuse and neglect as a mandated reporter and have been called a liar in public forums and have evidence that attorneys have lied aboit my credentials to gain leverage in court matters with their clients putting child clients at risk. This is causing greater stress and trauma to my akready traumatized clients. I have a trauma specialty. There are narcotics allegations being made against me by state actors. I need an attorney to file a defamation claim
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Otherwise slanderous statements made in litigation have qualified privilege, meaning the maker of those statements cannot be sued for libel for making them in documents filed in court or in a courtroom.  However, once those statements reach the outside of a courtroom, they can be slander. There is a one year statute of limitations for commencing a defamation action, running from the time the statement was made. You must be able to prove a link between the slanderous statement, which you must particularize with specific detail, and your loss of business or other income or damages.

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Libel, Slander and Defamation
Has you been harmed by false and malicious statements? You may be entitled to compensation under libel, slander and defamation laws. If a former employer or competitor has maligned your character, or someone has made untrue statements about you on the internet, or a media organization has falsely accused you of committing a crime, then you should consult with libel, slander and defamation attorneys immediately. Defamation can have serious consequences, making it difficult to obtain a job, and hurting your personal and professional reputation. Lawyers at a law firm with defamation experience can assist those who have been defamed as well as those who have been accused of defamation.
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