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I was accused of verbal and physical assault by the administrator of St. Anne's Catholic Health Services in the presence of 3 other facility staff

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members, one of which is the Chief Medical Officer, The second who's the Medical Director of the facility and the last person who's the Director of Nursing for the facility. I'm a retired Police Sergeant and I ask why didn't she call the police to report the alleged crimes and she responded next time I will. This was stated openly in a formal meeting to discuss my mother's care. Myself and 3 of my siblings were present for this meeting and heard the same. The administrator further accused me of abusing my police powers by having police friends of mine harass her staff.
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Answered on Mar 13th, 2017 at 1:21 PM

Could be a case if you wanted to spend the money on legal fees initiating it. Such cases are often very expensive to file and fund as they revolve more around emotions than actual damages 90% of the time. 

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