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So I am being harassed by neighbors. They put nasty signs on grass about me and I have 5 children here not to mention we are in school zone. Now what

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My husband broke in to there house he is on jail. The cops said there was no involvement from anyone else but they won't stop I was diagnosed with cancer and she is putting that on her grass along with nasty things. When I heard what husband did I got a stay way order on him. So he couldn't come back here. I don't know what to do people stop all the time to read these signs and I am not string enough to deal with this.
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Answered on Mar 10th, 2017 at 2:04 PM

Call the police.  It probably violates some ordinance.

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Answered on Mar 09th, 2017 at 7:29 PM

Put a sign on YOUR lawn that says: "I am a mom with cancer, and I live in this house with my 5 children, and no husband to support us. And now I have a neighbor who harasses me with nasty lawn signs. Please pray for my neighbor. She needs it more than I do." 

Your town or village may have local laws that prohibit lawn signs. Find out, and file a complaint against your neighbor. Depending on what your neighbor says on her signs, it could be slander, and you might have a law suit. The statute of limitations to file an action for slander is one year.

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