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New Wave of Cyber Crime
Social media websites like Facebook and MySpace are used by millions of people. Facebook alone has over 400 million users around the world, and their ages range from 13 to 65! For the most part, people use these sites for legitimate, innocent purposes like entertainment, staying in touch with friends, ... READ MORE

Online Want Ads Confront Free Speech Issues
Update Craigslist, the big classified ads website, dropped its ad listings for erotic services in 2009. But pimps and prostitutes continued to post sex trade ads under the website's "adult services" section. Now the website has gone a step further to block the adult services ads as well. The change seems ... READ MORE

Super Bowl Ads in Focus Long Before the Big Game
Before or after the Super Bowl game, you may hear someone say, "I only watch for the commercials, or "The commercials were better than the game." The TV ads that run during the Super Bowl are almost as famous and anxiously awaited for as the big game itself. Advertisers pay between $2.5 and $2.8 million ... READ MORE

Technology Comes with Many Hidden Fees
Technology is great. We can connect with friends, family and business associates in a split second. We can i-chat, Skype, text, e-mail, fax and instant message with a laptop anywhere wi-fi is available. There are so many service providers and plans to choose from, it's difficult to compare prices and ... READ MORE

Viewers Can Control Whats on TV
In many US homes, there are more than one TV, and at least one is on for several hours each day. What comes into your home through the TV airwaves? Viewers and parents like you have more power over TV programming than you may think. "Good" TV Early in 2011, teen cable-Mecca MTV launched a new show ... READ MORE

Web Entertainment Pirates Hit a Road Block
"You should share your things!" Parents and teachers have used this mantra as a hammer for eons. As a general rule, it's the right thing to do, too. It's a lesson we carry with us our entire lives. Sometimes, sharing is the absolute wrong thing to do, and it may lead to criminal charges. Theft by Sharing ... READ MORE

A Map for All Reasons Cell Phone Ad War
Back in the 80's there was an ad war between Coca Cola and Pepsi. Today, the war is between cell phone carriers. It started when Verizon Wireless began running advertisements showing that it had five times more 3G coverage than AT&T. The ad showed a picture of 2 maps of the United States, one with red ... READ MORE

Celebrity Ads Be Careful What You Say and Tweet
Many companies use celebrities to endorse and advertise their products. The celebrity gives the brand a face and a personality that people can identify with. This method has a proven success rate. Such advertisements are even more powerful when they're less obvious. For example, sales for the clothing ... READ MORE

Cell Phone Radiation Sparks New Reactions
  Related Item: Cell phones called possibly carcinogenic by World Health Organization Update: A cell phone trade group filed a lawsuit to block the San Francisco ordinance that requires stores to post cell phone radiation levels The cell phone radiation debate started in earnest in US in 2008 By June ... READ MORE

Editing Online Comments May Mean Legal Problems
Blogs, social media websites, and chat rooms are just a few examples of places where millions of people all over the world discuss and express their opinions on all sorts of things. What happens when someone doesn't play nice and writes something untrue or unflattering about someone else? As a general ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Telecommunications Law Case From a Local Attorney

FCC pushes forward on VoIP termination charges

One year after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the National Broadband Plan, it is moving slowly forward on a key recommendation — overhaul of intercarrier compensation for t ... Read more

Battle Heats Up Over Environmental Review In California

The California Public Utilities Commission has issued General Order 170, which will substantially improve the process for telecommunications carriers to obtain environmental review under CEQA when the ... Read more

California Focuses Government Agencies On Broadband Deployment

California Senator Alex Padilla and CPUC President Michael Peevey hosted a group of top level government executives in Sacramento for the kick off meeting of the California Broadband Council on Februa ... Read more

Learn How to Identify Savings and Recover Money for Your Company

As businesses, hospitals, schools, and non-profit agencies continue to grow and become more competitive in their service sectors, their need for technology to maintain that growth becomes a high prior ... Read more

Compliance with Telecommunications Law

Technology innovators create thousands of new ideas and applications each year, but regulation often lags behind.  When projects fail to fit neatly into regulatory "boxes" projects can ... Read more

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